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Hearing Aid

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Hearing Senso Speech & Hearing clinic offers the widest selection of quality hearing aids in Mumbai. We feature hearing aids by Phonak and Starkey. Here at Hearing Senso, we love technology and believe it is an important tool in enhancing your communication. We work with you and your family to find technology solutions that complement the other components of your treatment plan so that you can hear at your absolute best. It’s a great time to use technology to open up to a world of sound.


Visit us to learn the different types of Hearin Aids and how it can benefit you in overcoming hearing loss and making your life easier. Learn more about the wide range Hearing Aids we provide starting from low-end Analog hearing aids, mid-range Digital hearing aids to high-end completely wireless hearing aids.

Adult Hearing Aids

Embracing hearing aid technology is a major component of improving your communication and your quality of life.

Hearing aids are smarter, faster, and cooler than ever. The options for size, style, and functionality are endless. We will assist you by matching your needs to the best hearing aids.

pedriatic hearing aid
Pediatric Hearing Aids

Your child’s speech and language development and academic success is directly impacted by what they hear or don’t hear. Therefore, it is crucial that your child’s hearing aids be fit and maintained by a pediatric audiologist. We have extensive experience working with infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and teenagers. We believe that hearing aid technology is a gift and that using it is fun! We encourage families to use this approach and allow children to express their individuality by selecting hearing aid colors and accessories. We feature pediatric hearing aids by Phonak.

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Today you can use your hearing aids to wirelessly connect to cellphones, computers, personal music players, televisions, GPS systems, gaming devices, etc., essentially turning your hearing aids into a hands-free headset or wireless headphones. This capability is called connectivity, and it turns your ears – via your hearing aids – into lean, mean, hearing machines!

Phonak Hearing Aid
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